Would you go out into a blizzard without a coat on?

Do you drink alcohol without taking any preventative measures?

Most of us do, and the hangover is a wicked reminder that you should've done something - something other than that now sick-and-desperate, empty-hearted promise of, "I'll NEVER drink again, if I get through this!"

Hangovers have been around for a long, long time. That's because we've always been a REACTIVE society, so what's to expect? But once you have a hangover, the damage has been done.

That's why Xo3 is such great news!

Give the body a healthy dose of the exact elements it needs to help process and metabolize alcohol BEFORE you start drinking. Now the body can still enjoy, but eliminate the alcohol more efficiently, and get back to normal.

What about the age-old dehydration argument?

Most of us are ingesting large amounts of water in our cocktails (beer is about 95% water, for example). We drink extra water all night, but the hangover problem CONTINUES to plague us.
And to those "experts" who continue to get us nowhere by claiming hangovers are due to dehydration, let's simply ask them "Why then, am I not hungover after an intense, sweaty workout?"

And speaking of that, IF YOU DON'T PREPARE FOR THE WORKOUT, YOU WILL GET HURT, and you're going to live with it for a while.
And the reality is... a night out drinking is much more difficult on your body than a workout is!

Another reality... there is no such thing as an immediate hangover cure.

Now of course many of your (not so informed) friends will continue to drink coffee and eat greasy foods - aren't YOU smarter than that by now?

Does Xo3 really work?

We can talk all day about how and why Xo3 is so effective at preventing hangovers. In summary, it's nutrition. Real nutrition with an extra focus on your liver. Not exactly a crushed-up non-digestible vitamin with exaggerated amounts of insoluble minerals… that's for sure.

Don't laugh - that last sentence sums up about 98% of the products currently on the market. Do you really think that the vitamin which was sprayed on your cereal flakes is the deep rooted answer to nutrition?

Do you, or someone you know, get nasty headaches when you drink wine, or consume just a small amount of alcohol?

Xo3 has improved thousands of people's social lives. We love listening to people rave; "I don't get headaches from just a couple of drinks anymore!"
You'll be raving too.

Another Xo3 difference...

We'll remind you about the fact that many essential vitamins can deteriorate in liquid on the FAQ page.

Now a word about minerals:
Did you know that most multi-vitamin manufacturers use bulk minerals that are of extremely low quality? You already know the main reason why, it's cost of course!

There's a monumental problem here.
Take Magnesium for example: If you see "Magnesium" on your multi-vitamin ingredient list, it doesn't necessarily mean (and is highly unlikely) that you're getting a form of Magnesium that your body can readily use. Keep in mind that there are over 900 forms of Magnesium, and over 80% of those forms are not digestible by your body. They literally pass through the body unused!

We use specific minerals for each function of the body that we are assisting. For Xo3, we use a blend of three different, highly bio-available forms of Magnesium, each being very specific in function.

Yes, they're a little harder to come by and MUCH more expensive, but the difference is clear and the results are astonishing when your body finally gets mineral forms it can use!

Should you use Xo3 if you're NOT prone to getting hangovers?

No question. You only have one body and you'd best take care of it. Women's bodies are especially susceptible to alcohol.

Why don't you see for yourself? If you're going to drink, do yourself a huge favor and use Xo3. You have no idea just how much you're body will appreciate it… in more ways than just feeling fine the next day.

A word about the "competition."

Unfortunately for us, sometimes you're perceived to be only as good as the worst product in your genre, and the competition is pretty bad:

Product Pitch Comment
Chaser "Contains activated charcoal, which allegedly absorbs the bad things in alcohol which are what make you sick."

So you'd NEVER get sick drinking Everclear – because it's pure alcohol? There's no congeners (impurities) in pure alcohol.
It would take much more than a thimble-size dose of charcoal to absorb a large amount of toxin, and incidentally, the toxin is created in the liver, not in the stomach!

Activated charcoal "should not be used with alcohol," according to the National Institute of Health.

Hangover Prevention Formula "The secret lies in the fruit extracted from the Prickly Pear cactus."

Well, well… we happen to be in Arizona, and are quite familiar with the cactus and the bottom line is that it's all about nutrition people. Even if the cactus has an element to help alcohol metabolism, it’s a nutritional element, many of which (not only one) we've isolated with Xo3. There's no way the cactus contains them all.

Oh and by the way – you’re not supposed to eat fiber 2 hours before or after taking HPF… now that’s convenient!

RU-21 Marketed as the secret "KGB" pill, this one is TRULY the funniest of them all. Contains: Vitamin C, Glucose (sugar) and L-Glutamine (an amino which helps bodybuilder's muscles store nitrogen). Nothing about this product makes any sense, and the few we've talked to who have tried it reported poor results. With a lead "scientist" supposedly named Spasov Alexander Aleekseevich, you be the judge.
Things have changed since the '72 Olympics guys, we're the faster ones now.
Hangover Helper The ingredients look sound enough – though it is a pill – and they don't recommend ingestion BEFORE, which is essential, and makes us believe that they are lost. The name couldn't be any worse, the point is to not have a hangover.

When you hear someone mention a competitor’s product, be sure to be educated about it, and give them the facts. The proof is always in the pudding!

Xo3 is the ONLY hangover product which has a patented formulation due specifically to its method, composition and effectiveness.