What is the suggested usage of Xo3?

For best results, use one packet before or during first alcoholic drink, and that should be enough for an entire night of moderate drinking. The good news is that, if you happen to over-indulge (say, 6+ drinks), a second serving of Xo3 will only help! We suggest our caffeine-free Lemon-Drop flavor for late night consumption.

Always remember however, that it's extremely important to "fortify" early!

Is Xo3 another one of those "energy" type drink products? How does Xo3 compare to products like Emergen-C®, and Airborne®?

Xo3 is a very powerful and potent nutritional supplement. Most "energy" drinks we know of contain a large dose of sugar and caffeine in a water base. Many nutrients (especially B-vitamins) deteriorate rapidly in water, so it would be near impossible to formulate a nutritious product that was liquid based. Other companies that add vitamins to liquid drinks should retest their products after 30 days on the shelf, just to see what's left.

Emergen-C® and Airborne® are "dry" products (which is good), however they fail to deliver many of the most important nutrients, they keep things very basic. Most companies shy away from Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), for example, because it has such a strong (unfavorable) taste. With Xo3, we've discovered how to deliver Thiamine to your body without the negative taste or smell. It's one of the many secrets (and keys) to our unique and patented formulation.

It's also our exceptional amino acids, peptides and multiple mineral combinations which are so key to your body's health and recovery, especially while consuming alcohol. We'll explain a little more about our mineral compositions on our FYI page.
One of our major focuses is digestibility, you'll notice that Xo3 doesn't go to "waste," like so many other products on the market. It's advanced nutrition in the absolute proper doses - not too much - not too little!

The advantages of storage, portability and convenience are obvious, but the consistent nutritional factor is what makes Xo3 so powerful and effective!

Is it FDA approved?

The FDA does not monitor nutritional supplements. The NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association) has created a set of guidelines to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our manufacturing facility and storage facilities meet or exceed these guidelines.

As a general rule, if you can take a multivitamin and mineral supplement… you can certainly take Xo3!

How does it work?

Alcohol causes an imbalance in electrolytes, minerals, and some vitamins in the blood stream. This also causes dehydration and many normal biological processes become hampered. Xo3 is high in the minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients that are depleted the fastest by alcohol. By supplementing the body with these nutrients, the effects of the (alcohol induced) imbalance are reduced.

Alcohol is a low level toxin and if the level of blood alcohol is too high, then the liver becomes backed up and the enzymes responsible for detoxification are then forced to use secondary pathways of detoxification. This can produce even harsher toxins, which can cause nausea, headache, and general discomfort.

Xo3 provides the essential elements the liver needs to speed up detoxification and excretion of alcohol, thereby lowering toxins in the blood. This, in turn, reduces the negative effects of alcohol, commonly referred to as a "hangover."

Can I take Xo3 if I'm NOT drinking alcohol?

Think about it this way: If Xo3 is powerful enough to prevent hangovers, imagine what it can do for your general health. Give Xo3 a try versus your favorite sports drink and see for yourself!

Are there any side effects?

A person deficient in vitamins or minerals might experience slight nausea or diarrhea. No other side effects have been noted.

Here is a copy of the Xo3 Lemon-Drop Ingredient panel:


What is the shelf life of Xo3?

Assuming Xo3 is stored in a cool and dry location, it will remain highly effective for 2-3 years.